Governing Council

Health Providers

Veronica Hudson, MSN, DNP

Community Leaders

Julie McGee (Chairperson)

Ronald Ali

Kathy Dunning

Elige Jones

Krista Scott


April Davis (Secretary)

Jolette Fischtzuir (Finance Committee Chairperson)

Olivia Pinochet (Migrant Representative)

Polly Rivers (Vice Chairperson)

Ora D. Autry

Marlon Firle

Ann Wilson

Emeritus Members

Stephanie Danzy

Dolores Harvey

Mervin Thomas

Ora Autry; Kristra Scott; Polly Rivers; Dolores Harvey; Ronald Ali; Jolette Fischtzuir; April Davis; Kathy Dunning; Ann Wilson; Elige Jones; Marlon Firle; Stephanie Danzy; Veronica Hudson
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